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Come Back promo's 


ElvaDo Candary

Kenetic 2 & the Rapture.Els Vocoder.

Cooledit Pro & the Pro 53. Absynth 4

Maze Sampler

Candary as voice over

by Candary 

Lpps.Inc Funky Town Sample

Harold Faltermeijer Axel-F Sample

Music And Lyrics by Candary


ANton's Techno

Verklaring van deze Twee mixen cq uit leg deze twee mixen .

Deze zijn ontstaan omdat een hele goede vriend met vrouw en kids in spanje zitten

 in de wel voor ons beter bekende ellende

 van emigreren maar op problemen stuiten en dan nergens meer hulp kunnen vinden.

Voor ons beter bekent als je goed genaaid voelen. Maar beter bekent in de shit zitten

OOk als Schrijver kun je het dan slecht hebben.

Hij moet ziekenhuis in en ziekenhuis uit met de Laptop

Heeft veder geen muziek daar in zo'n ziekenhuis en hij is enorme ABBA Fan kan wel op het Internet daar en ik dacht ikke Remixxen

hij moet nu onder tussen dus eigenlijk nu al jaren. En sinds kort weer bijna dagelijks naar het ziekenhuis poeh zo das eruit.

Hoe komt dat nou ga ik weer hij was dus in Nederland

voor 100 % afgekeurd en het enige wat hij dus goed kan is voor zijn gezin zorgen en schrijven

althans dat kon hij.

Nu dus ziekenhuis weer in en weer uit met een verschrikkelijke Hart kwaal en met spierziekte. over het algemeen zeg maar

En dan ook nog eens problemen met de uitkering en dus Nederland hoe zee weg er  euh help eens mee bedoel ik er mee

 maar wel verwachten dat je vrolijk blijven kan nu dus

Special For

Anton Korf and His Familie the two remixen

Anton's abba remix

part one


Techno abba remix

made bij Elroy enrico Candary made 4 Candary Promotion perpuise

binnen kort YouTube versie's

verder kun je op de Back for Downloads knop klikken daar zal je dan de  download linkjes kunnen vinden

Anton Korf



Remix 2009

The part Two

By Candary


Star wars Intro anno 2009 Voice over by Candary on the Els Vocoder.

This is a Techno Abba Remix by Candary Ft pavi lepisto

Gimmi Gimmi Gimmi
Dancing Queen
The Winner Takes it All
Summer Night City
Knowing Me Knowing You
Save All Your Love 4 Me
Voulez Vouz
One Man One Woman

Remix bij Candary on the virtual Dj


Home Page


FoR A dear friend

On sick bed

my cöte


Music is 4 Every Body. If God Gave You That Voice

Beatuful Gift by the way, Or This Technic To Use and That You Can Create Some Ting That's Nice For The Spirit of Human Kind You Should

Not Ask For Money But Give.

There For I Wil Create. Enjoy

Tekst by Candary

Music is 4 EveryBody.

So Says ElvaDo Candary

There for an New Creation

Deep Sleep Part Troix

Star Wars intro with Daphne en ElvaDo as Voice over

Daphne on the Orange Vocoder and ElvaDo on the Els Vocoder

Mixed on the VJ-5 (virtual Dj-5) Soundeffects with the (Kenetic) Rapture

Additional sound effects & Sampels With HAlion 3 

 Cut and Edit with Cool Edit Pro 2,1



Deep Sleep Mix

Part III


Deep Sleep Mix

Part Iv


Lady's and Gentle man we ask for your attention

This is your Computerised
intertainment center we welkom you back for the deep sleep mix made by elvado candary

The House Explosion starts In


Track list wil be avaIlable sortly


Remixed by ElvaDo Candary

Total Time 1.15.48




Lady's and Gentle man we ask for your attention

This is your Computerised
intertainment center we welkom you back for part tree of the deep sleep mix made by elvado candary

The House Explosion starts In

1       I Feel (Alfredo Pareja, Vincente Belenguer, T,Tommy Remix) 3D-Tommy Martinez, Dj Josepo

2       Change The World (Jonathan Landossa Remix) Dim Chris feat Kaysee

3       Lose Control (In Style Club Remix) Waldos People

4       Sad Song (BuzZTech Remix) New Tone

5       Need You 2008 (Dim Chris Remix) Mathieu Bouthier & MUttonheads

6       I am Freak (Extended Mix) D’azoo At Night

7       What Can You Do (Electro Mix) Christope Fontana Feat Tiya

8       Jack The Ripper (Original Mix) Sebastien Benett

9       Monsta Steppa Sebastien Benett

10     No Superstar (Original Mix) Remady P&R

11     Breathe In (JS16 Remix) Alex Kunnari

12     Like Dat (Matt Cox Remix) Calvertron & Banga

13     The Game (Kimen Remix) Sulmolton

14     Pay No Mind (Mr Pink Remix) Pat Farrell

15     Time For The Boom (Analogue Remix) The Squatters Feat Mc Dutch Courage

16     Tango (Dj Ax Robyn Extended Remix) Lana Cruz

17     Smooth Criminal (Original Remix) Player & Remady

18     In My Memories (Hallas & Slayback Remix) V1r00Z feat Dj Arcanix & Kadi

19     Tricky Tricky 2009 (Dany Wild Mix) Dj Sequenza

20     Take My Higher (Dj Marty Fame)

21     Set You Free (Jack Styles Remix) N-Trance

22     Go Higher (Maxpop Extended Version) Kasino

23     I Love You So Much (Club Dj Team Remix) Komodo

24     Figaro (Dj Ax Robyn Re-Edit Remix) Dj Antione

25     There Must Be An Angel (Robb Remix) Michael Fox

26     Groove Me (Tatto Remix) 2 Freeqs

27     Step Up (Digital Mode Remix) Bootystylerz

28     Me & You (Digital Mode) 36-Klimazz & Viola

29     Power Of American Natives 2009 (Electronative Club Mix Dance 2 Trance

30     Yoredet (Dj Saar Electro Remix) 49-Knob ft Hatzel

31     Let Me Fly (Laurent Wolf & Anton Wick Remix) 37-John Modena & Bootmaster Feat Med Lawence

32     Ecuador (Sagi Abitbul Electro Remix)  Sash

33     I’m Bob (Digital Mess)

34     Conan Barbarian (Tecktonk Battle 2009) Fast Foot

35     What Time Can Do (Club Mix) Mypnofonia Feat Peakafeller

Remixed by ElvaDo Candary

Total Time 1.00.29







With the Kenetic2. Absynth 4, and Cutting

Els Vocoder and Recording Pasting with Cool Edit Pro and The Maze Sampler
Samples. Used

Where's The Party  4

Pop Music in a Twilight Zone
made by Candary.
With the Kenetic2. Absynth, and Cutting and Pasting with Cool Edit
Samples. Used. Manhattan Transfer Twilight Zone
Madonna's words sampled; where's The party and Hey.
But the Main samples where M. Pop Music

Heaven must Be missing


Blow or an Angel

samples used Dazz Band & Tavares

And Let It All Blow 12 "

Heaven Must be missing an Angel 12"

Thanxx Ben Liebrand.

Music And Lyrics by Candary

Special Thanxx to DJ Sies



New Special D Remix


Come Back promo by




star wars


Candary as voice over

 Lady’s and Gentlemen attention

It started over a year a go

With Special D.

But Due to a computer crash he was

Forced to stop for eight months

Now he is back with a new System

And because it al begun with Special D

Here is a Complete New Remix From

Special D by Candary


Daddy Dj

Here I Am

Me and My Lover

I need a Miracle

Come with me

Moon Light Shadow

The Sign

King of The Beatz

Home Alone

Dust To Dust

We are Raving

What you see is what you get

Some one to Love

Once Again

Like A Rider





Total time 1:15;11 Hours: minutes; seconds



Home Page



Tracklist Deep Sleep Mix Part II

part III is At The Bottom of The Page


ElvaDo & Daphne

Intro Text.

Lady's and Gentle men Attention

This is you're Computerized entertainment center

Enter you're musical choice

You're choice has been selected

You choose Dance 100

The mixed brought to You by Candary Starts in


  1. The Happy Groover                When I Snap My Fingers

  2. Klubber Revenge                   Mental Atmosphere

  3. Roo                                        Instant Moments

  4. Dj Ton T.B.                              Never Enough

  5. Team Deep                              Morning Light

  6. The Scarry Groover              Childeren Of the Night

  7. Disco Droids                          Energie

  8. Stacy Chandler                     All of My Love

  9. VDM                                       Magnetic

  10. Furia II                                    I Want You Boy

  11. Venga Boys                            Up and Down

  12. Brooklyn Bounce                   This is The Real Bass

  13. Club Royal                             Loosing Sleep

  14. Dallas                                   Jr’s Revenge

  15. 8 th Wonder Ft. Dj Marco       Deeper

  16. Sash                                       La Primavera

  17. Disco Macabre                       The Deejay’s

  18. Brooklyn Bounce                   The Music Got Me

  19. Big Apple                               Tonight

  20. Olav Basoski                          Got Get Moving

  21. DeLeón                                   I am What I am

  22. Camisra                                  Let Me Show You

  23. Re-Flex                                  Give Yo-Self

  24. Pedro & Benno                       Scream for Love

  25. The Glam                                Hell’s Party

  26. Pulp Victim                             Dreams Last for Long

  27. Vinyl Vandals                        New York

  28. Yves Deruyter                       The Rebel

  29. Enricco                                  The Hard Clubber

  30. Rosso                                     Traxx

           Total time  41:56:709


With the Kenetic2. Absynth 4, and Cutting Pasting with Cool Edit Pro was Used


ABBA Dancing Queen ;Remix by Candary'2009
ABBA You could change you're mind ;

SAMPLE Remix by Candary
ABBA Save All you're Love for my ;

Remix original

Ben liebrand

Reremixed by Candary
ABBA Does Your mother Know ;

Remix by Candary

ABBA Mamma Mia ; Remix by Candary
ABBA Voulez vous ;Remix by Candary
ABBA Save All you're Love for my ;

Remix original

Ben liebrand

Reremixed by Candary
ABBA Money money money ;

Remix by Candary
ABBA It's The Name off The Game ;

Remix by Candary incl Come on sample
ABBA Knowing me knowing You ;

Remix by Candary
ABBA The Day before you came ;

original sound track ABBA Greatest Hits.

ANton's ABBA Remix 2009

The part one


GiGi Mix

Part One

Remixed by ElvaDo Candary
Dance Now
This Is
Sexy Girl
I am Gonna Fly
The Moon
La Luna
Drifting side ways
Don't Stop
Dieci Cento Mile
Balla GiGi Mix
On The Radio
Nowhere Land
correct me please when i'm wrong.




1 Colina                                                        Farben
2 Davisd Guetta Ft Kid Cudi                     Memorie
3 Bob Sinclair & Sean Paul                       Tik Tak
4 Afro Jack Ft Eva Simons                        Take over Control
5 Axwell Ft Errol Ried                               Nothing But Love
6 Avicii & Sebastian Drums                       My Feelings for You
7 Dabruck & Klein & Jean Elan                  I've Got My Pride
8 David Guetta & Chris Willis                    Getting Over You
9 Movedown                                               Round & Round
10 Edaward Mava Ft Vika Jigulina        Stereo Love
11 Swedish House Mafia/Tina Tempah      Maimi 2 Ibiza
12 Discotronic                                               Tricky Disco 2K10
13 Guenta K                                                  Tubular Bells 2011
14 Martin Solveig & Dragonette              Hello
15 Walker & Daniels                                   Chicano
16 Rico Bernasconi/ Vaya con dios         Nah Neh Nah
17 The Black Eyed peas                             The Time (Dirty Bitch)
18 Addy V/D Zwan Ft M. Zager Band    Let's all Chant
19 Duck Sauce                                              Barbra Streisant