First a little discription of my way of creating music

First I will take a look at my 5.5 Thera Byte of Music and Search for an Appropriate Music sample that will be the Base of my Remix.

Then I use the Kenetic 2 for Creating new Beats and Rhythm. The Music Creator is a perfect ad to that all. I some time's use the Guru Drum Machine as wel

When I Have a Bass Line and a new Rhythm that i' am Satisfied with.

I will take my Pro 53 or my Absynth 4 to Create New Additions to the Original Strings in the Samples

Some time's Use Studio instruments as Well. For Sampling I use the HALion 3 or the Demension Pro

 For most Editional Sound Effects I Use Rapture

For use of my many VST software I use The Steinberg Wavelab 7  and or my Cubase 7

Then it's time to Create My Voice over and make a Start for my Remix using my Eiosis Els Vocoder

Then it is all Recorded and time to put all Together Using the

Sonar 7 Producers Edition and finished with the Cool edit Pro for better Cutting and Pasting

Ableton 9 is a new addition to my studio.

To make my music i Use Fruity Loops and Ableton 9

First mix made with it is the TMYM 2k09 & later the

TMYM2k10 The TMYM 2k11 /TMYM2k12

 and now the my latest   T.M.Y.M. 2K14























I Record and Combine my Remixes on an SonarX3 or The Adobe Audition 6 My Sony Sound Force or my Steinberg Wavelab

The newest edition to my studio

Adobe Audition 6.5


New addition to my studio. Recommended by a good friend of mine 



The  ( Cylon ) voices I create on the  Eiosis Els Vocoder

Witch is also Avalible as a Standalone

As an eddition I Use the Vokator as well


For Life Mixing I Use The Virtual.Dj-7




Well I hope You like my explanation Because This is How I Work

When You go to the next page

You Wil Find my Creations and Remixes

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